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Lélestin Callement : I like the shoe -- Ecco makes a quality product that you can find for a reasonable price (full disclosure: I'm not somebody who would even consider a $300-400 shoe, so I won't even try to compare to those types of products, but this shoe is much better than anything I'd be able to find at a local Payless for ~$30-35). This is my third pair of Eccos, and the second of the slip-on variety, and they've always held up well despite the heavy use I've given them. I'd been trying out some cheaper shoes so forgot the size I used on my prior pairs, but I generally wear about a size 9, so went with the 9-9.5 size -- it is definitely too big (the only reason I put it at 4 stars). I probably could have gotten away with the 7-7.5. Even so, it's reasonably comfortable to walk around in, so I plan on keeping it despite it being big.